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three tuns brewery

three tuns brewery

The UK’s oldest brewery -
licensed 1642  @

Our philosophy at The Three Tuns Brewery is simple – we aim to produce exceptional beer that you, the drinker, will remember – and want to taste again.

We are helped in this quest by being fortunate enough to brew our beer in a classic, miniature Victorian tower, so the beer is not only moved by gravity alone but captures the essence and history of its unique surroundings as it passes on its historic journey.

The beer’s journey finally concludes in the original 16th century brew house, which is now used as our fermentation room. This is where the Three Tuns yeast, a strain developed over the last 125 years, is added to the mix to weave its own special magic and cast the spells that make our beer unique.

As a brewery, we are committed to maintaining the brewing operation on this site. We have extensively refurbished the building and plant over the last decade or so in order to facilitate this and there are now more than 7 miles of pipes running through the place in addition to over 200 tons of steel. The next step is probably excavating the floors to keep up with the continuing increase in demand.

People come from all over the world to visit the brewery and sample our beers – known as “Three Tuns Pilgrims” these people are our very own evangelists! Everyone at The Brewery feels a great sense of pride when we meet them and it is always a pleasure to show off what we consider to be one of the birthplaces of beer.

If you already drink our beer, a big thank you, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you really should!