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"We are able to do brewery tours most evenings and weekends, please contact us with a date that best suits your party and we will confirm if we are free or not.

The tour lasts about an hour and a half
Maximum of 12 people per tour (if your group is larger than this we can split it into two tours of approximately 60 minutes)
There are access issues in the brewery so the tours are not suitable for everyone (there are three flights of steep stairs)
Cost per tour 80 (regardless of party size)
Afterwards why not enjoy a few pints or a bite to eat in a Three Tuns Brewery Tap House?
- The Bridges Country Pub at Ratlinghope
- The Sun Inn at Clun
- The Three Tuns Inn , next door to the brewery"

"To book a tour please contact us on 01588 638392 or email us at"

Most small breweries, these days are located in modern, factory buildings, usually on industrial estates. The Three Tuns Brewery, on the other hand, boasts a miniature Victorian tower, built around 1890, and part of an earlier brew house dating from the 17th century and thereby offers a totally unique brewery tour experience. The brewery is steeped in history, ancient vessels, curios, architectural features and techniques have been retained alongside modern, state-of-the-art plant.

On the tour you will see the original winch by which malt was hoisted to the top of the tower, where the brewing process begins. You will see parts of the original mashing process, the original cooling equipment and fermenting vessel dating from 1880. Your guide will take you through the brewing process from the top of the tower to the bottom, following the journey through which the beer goes on a brew day. Also, on the tour you will learn the significance of the Victorians having built towers for brewing.

You will learn exactly what malt is, how it is utilised in the brewing process and you will have the opportunity to sample several different types of malt. You will sample hops and learn how their contribution is made to the beer. You will learn the function of yeast in the fermentation process which the beer undergoes. You will see how the beer is dispensed into casks and learn how finings assist the pub landlord to achieve a crystal-clear pint. We hope you will come and enjoy the tour experience as much as we enjoy showing-off these wonderful and totally unique buildings.

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